The Wiseman who save the kingdom
The King has a successful rule over the kingdom with the help of Wise men. These men are revered in the land because of their great wealth of knowledge in many areas and expertise in natural health remedies. When all the remedies of the wise men fail to save the king and queen from an incurable disease, a young princess is made Queen. The fate of the kingdom and lives of the wise men are in danger as a young girl learns to manage her feelings of grief and anger in her new role as Queen. How does the wisdom of one man save the kingdom?

The Cunning Archer:
A young archer enters a competition with the hope of winning the King’s daughter’s in marriage and a chance to live the “Royal Life”. He finds himself in the company of better archers with finer equipment then he could ever dream of. How can he realize his dream when his skill does not measure up? What lessons of wisdom does he learn as he strives to stay in the competition?